Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones is an owner and media director of Screen Strategies Media. A graduate of the University of West Virginia, Rachael has 12 years of industry experience and was the media director for one of the largest Democratic political agencies for over six years. She has worked on local, statewide and national media campaigns in every market in the United States. Her political experience includes having worked for twelve current U.S. Senators, three sitting Governors, and two Presidential campaigns. She has worked for dozens of associations, unions, and commercial advertisers.

Rachael is a strong advocate of data driven media buying and will exhaust any and all options to insure that her clients’ media dollars are reaching the target audience efficiently regardless of the medium. Her expertise spans the media spectrum from local and national broadcast and cable to radio, print, and digital media solutions. Nothing goes out the door of Screen Strategies Media without Rachael's stamp of approval.     

Our 2018 Clients

Gillibrand for Senate (NY)

Stabenow for Senate (MI)

McCaskill for Senate (MO)

Tester for Senate (MT)

Hirono for Senate (HI)

Heinrich for Senate (NM)

Murphy for Senate (CT)

Lamont for Governor (CT)

Ross for Governor (MD)

El-Sayed for Governor (MI)

Graham for Governor (FL)

Mitchell for Governor (WI)

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Kyle Osterhout

Kyle Osterhout is an owner and managing partner of Screen Strategies Media. A graduate of William & Mary and a 22 year veteran of the advertising industry; he has spent the past two decades crafting media buying and placement strategy for hundreds of political campaigns, associations, and commercial advertisers.  His expertise regarding the application of both new media and addressable media for political campaigns is sought out by many within the industry.

He has been a speaker at both the annual CAB and TVB conferences addressing the role of electronic media in political and issue advertising campaigns as well as a guest lecturer at both American University and the University of Florida. He has spent years working with the cable industry to establish best practices for political and issue advertising agencies to streamline the media placement process.

Some of the campaigns which Kyle has managed the media strategy and placement for include Gillibrand for U.S. Senate, McCaskill for U.S. Senate, Tester for U.S. Senate, Stabenow for U.S. Senate, Hagan for U.S. Senate, Hirono for U.S. Senate, Merkley for U.S. Senate, O’Malley for Governor, and Sebelius for Governor. These campaigns coupled with his work for organizations like the National Education Association, AFL-CIO, and Planned Parenthood have provided him with a breadth of experience his clients find invaluable.